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New Upgraded Stanadyne PMD -*** Obsolete ***

Part Number: STA40736 UPC: 40736
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Stanadyne PMD Upgraded Gray / Grey Pump Mounted Driver PMD Kit 40736 with New 39405 PMD

Stanadyne has stopped production on these PMD's and inventory is sold out.  We do still have inventory of the Stanadyne PMD & Pump Harness kit #35976.  When these are sold out there will be no more gray Stanadyne PMD's available. 

Alliant Power AP63486

Stanadyne PMD Kit 6.5

Stanadyne is the maker of the GM 6.5L injection pump and has come out with an updated version of the PMD. Stanadyne has termed their new gray or grey colored DS Pump Mounted Driver as "Bullet-Proof", since they incorporated a series of new features for added durability and reliability.

  • Gold Plated Terminal Pins in connector and its mating wiring harness to maintain electrical contact integrity by reducing possibility of fretting corrosion caused by vibration.
  • Connector reconfigured to prevent mismatch of previous harness.
  • Resistant to Elevated Temperature Issues via extended temperature range components.
  • Steel Compression Spacers in mounting screw holes eliminate distortion, providing for consistent mounting screw torque and ease of screw removal.
  • Loctite® on Power Transistor Mounting Nuts to maintain nut torque, ensures efficient heat transfer.
  • Softer Potting Compound reduces thermally induced stress to electronic components.
  • Gray Plastic Housing for easy identification.
  • 2 Year Warranty with unlimited miles, with a limit of one free replacement PMD during the warranty period.*

Stanadyne PMD Kit 40736

* 2 year warranty is only for PMD's sold after March 25, 2016.  PMD's sold before that date only carry a 30 day warranty.

Stanadyne PMD Kit Number 40736 includes new PMD number 39405, heat transfer pad, and four mounting screws. Remote mount cooler and extension harness sold separately.

Note: Since Stanadyne changed the connector between the wiring harness and the PMD, the harness must be changed on the injection pump (supplied with PMD) when installing this PMD.

This Stanadyne PMD kit is the same as the 35976 kit, but without the pump wire harness.

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