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PMD Package Deal - PMD, Cooler, Resistor Sale $268.61
GM 6.5 PMD Remote Mount Cooler Relocation Kit Sale $90.16
New Stanadyne PMD & Pump Harness Sale $232.85
New Upgraded Stanadyne PMD Sale $202.66
Flight Systems PMD Sale $157.70
GM 19209057 6.5L PMD Upgrade Sale $157.70
Flight Systems #9 Black PMD Resistor Sale $20.75
Stanadyne #9 Gray PMD Resistor Sale $25.76
Stanadyne PMD Heat Transferring Gasket Sale $7.53
8 inch Black PMD Extension Harness Sale $33.40
40 inch Black PMD Extension Harness Sale $33.40
72 inch Black PMD Extension Harness Sale $33.40
8 inch Gray PMD Extension Harness Sale $33.40
40 inch Gray PMD Extension Harness Sale $33.40
72 inch Gray PMD Extension Harness Sale $33.40
6.5L Pump Install Kit Sale $32.75

GM / Chevrolet / GMC 6.5 Pump Mounted Driver PMD, Fuel System Driver FSD, Relocation Kits & Parts

GM 6.5L Pump Mounted Driver PMD Cooler

The GM 6.5L diesel PMD story and why you need a cooler!

The PMD (pump mounted driver) or also known as a FSD (fuel system driver), has been a major problem for Chevy / GMC 6.5L diesel owners since its introduction on the 1994 6.5L electronically controlled DS4 fuel injection pump. The PMD is a solenoid pack that builds up heat and uses the injection pump and the fuel running through it to absorb that heat. The injection pump is in the valley of the engine between the cylinder heads and the heat produced by the engine is also absorbed into the injection pump. In some situations the fuel going through the pump cannot adequately remove the heat to keep the PMD functional. Once the engine begins showing symptoms of stalling, hesitating, most likely the PMD is failing and the problems will only get worse.  Many times we hear from customers that their 6.5 stalls while driving, much like you turned the key off.  Or, we here that the 6.5 will not start hot.  For example you drive to the store and the engine is warm.  Turn off the truck while you shop and then when you go to leave it will not start.  This is a hot soak condition.

What happens to the PMD is the circuit board inside cracks and separates when hot.  When the PMD cools off the contact inside is made again and will allow the engine to run.  All GM 6.5L engines need a PMD Cooler!  Mounting the cooler to the intake manifold works well for most people, but for those who want even more cooling an extension cable is available to relocate the cooler onto the fender or even further away from the heat in front of the radiator.

Tests show that when using the PMD Cooler, PMD temperatures will drop anywhere from 32° to 81° Fahrenheit depending on driving conditions. These temperature drops will seriously increase the life of the PMD and can save you money from towing and costly repairs. The PMD Cooler easily mounts to the intake manifold of your engine within reach of the wiring harness plug for the PMD. Installation is quick, simple and does not require any modifications or special tools. Purchase a new PMD and instead of installing it back onto the pump where the heat is, use a PMD Cooler and move the PMD out of that heat zone.  The savings in the labor time it takes to mount a new PMD onto the injection pump will more than pay for the cost of the PMD Cooler, plus the PMD will last much longer!  The PMD Cooler kit comes with everything needed to mount a PMD to the intake manifold. Don't pay for a pump replacement when the PMD may be all you need!


Be sure to look closely at other so called "coolers" out there.  Many do not have the cooling capacity that ours does and are little more than remote mounting brackets that only relocate the PMD away from the engine heat, but do nothing to deal with the heat made by the PMD.
Buy a PMD Cooler Here!



New Upgraded Pump Mounted Drivers

There is good news for GM 6.5L engine owners! Technology has advanced in the PMD area and there are now choices for replacement Pump Mounted Drivers.


Stanadyne GM 6.5L PMD FSD
GM 6.5L Stanadyne 35976 Gray PMD Kit


Stanadyne is the maker of the injection pump and has come out with an updated version of the PMD. Stanadyne has termed their new DS Pump Mounted Driver as "Bullet-Proof ", since they incorporated a series of new features for added durability and reliability.

  • Gold Plated Terminal Pins in connector and its mating wiring harness to maintain electrical contact integrity by reducing possibility of fretting corrosion caused by vibration.
  • Connector reconfigured to prevent mismatch of previous harness.
  • Resistant to Elevated Temperature Issues via extended temperature range components.
  • Steel Compression Spacers in mounting screw holes eliminate distortion, providing for consistent mounting screw torque and ease of screw removal.
  • Loctite® on Power Transistor Mounting Nuts to maintain nut torque, ensures efficient heat transfer.
  • Softer Potting Compound reduces thermally induced stress to electronic components.
  • Gray Plastic Housing for easy identification.
  • 6 Month Warranty with unlimited miles.

Stanadyne PMD Kit Number 35976, includes new PMD, pump wiring harness, heat transfer pad, and four mounting screws.  Remote mount cooler and extension harness sold separately.

Note:  Since Stanadyne changed the connector between the wiring harness and the PMD, the harness must be changed or modified on the injection pump when installing this PMD. The Stanadyne PMD kit includes this pump harness. (The pump harness is not the same as the extension harness we have listed below.)

Buy a New Stanadyne PMD Here!





Flight Systems is an aftermarket diesel product company. Flight Systems Electronics Group tackled the problem with the original PMD and manufactured a Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) that would handle the high temperature environment that was causing problems. FSEG has earned outstanding supplier awards from NASA, automotive manufactures, and original equipment manufacturers. Exacting standards have been a hallmark of FSEG for more than 30 years. What they created was an outstanding product that holds up great! The DTech unit is a direct bolt in replacement for the original. DTech PMD's have a One Year 50,000 mile warranty.



 Buy a New Flight Systems PMD Here!



Calibration Resistors

The injection pump fuel delivery is fine-tuned with a resistor in the PMD. The resistors range in number from one to nine. The number nine will deliver the highest fuel delivery. If no resistor is used, the pump will default to the number five. We recommend using the number nine resistor to give you that little extra performance.

Gray PMD Resistors

Stanadyne changed the connector between the wiring harness and the PMD when they updated their PMD.  Use this resistor with the new gray colored Stanadyne PMD's.



  Stanadyne 39867 Grey PMD Resistor 6.5L GM Stanadyne Grey PMD Detail


Buy a Grey PMD #9 Resistor Here!




Black PMD Resistors

Use this resistor with any black colored Stanadyne or DTech PMD's.

 /Content/files/Store_Engine_Parts_DTech_DT30900.jpg GM 6.5L DTech PMD Detail

Note: This resistor can be used with the grey PMD by simply clipping the ends along the dotted lines shown below.


6.5L PMD DTech DT30900 trim detail

 Buy a Black PMD #9 Resistor Here!




PMD Extension Harness

GM 6.5L Short PMD Extension Harness

Short PMD extension harnesses are now available.  They are great if your factory harness is just a little too short because it is wrapped around a fuel line.  Or, if you want to adapt your black style end to the updated grey style without modifying your harness simply purchase the gray version.  These measure nine inches long from end to end and give you eight inches of extension.

Buy a 8" Black PMD Extension Here!

Buy a 8" Gray PMD Extension Here!


Long PMD Extension Harness


This harness extends the factory wiring harness between the injection pump and a remote mounted pump mounted driver 40 or 72 inches.  If you choose to remote mount the cooler in another place besides the intake manifold, these are the harness that will allow you to do that. 

Now available with the black original style end or the new Stanadyne gray connector.  Simply choose the color that matches the PMD you are using.


Buy a 40" Black PMD Extension Here!

Buy a 72" Black PMD Extension Here!


Buy a 40" Gray PMD Extension Here!

Buy a 72" Gray PMD Extension Here!

Buyer beware!
There are PMD's being made and sold from China.  These are being sold with all kinds of ridiculous warranty claims and low prices.  The feedback we are getting is that these China copies are not reliable.  Don't be fooled.  There is no such thing as a lifetime PMD.  These are electrical solenoids that work extremely hard.


Thank you for your help, it was much appreciated. I have received the new pmd and it seems to be working fine. It gets frustrating for this is pmd number 8 in less than 2 years. But your business was a breathe of fresh air, more helpful than Stanadyne. Thank you again, and from here on out Huckstorf Diesel is my business to go to! Thank you and have a god day.


Jonathan Lamb



Recieved a FSD and heatsink from you Friday. Thanks for pre-installing the resistor, the super fast shipment, and the quality of your product. A+ Worked great!

Fred Goins

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