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GM 6.5 PMD Remote Mount Cooler Relocation Kit

Part Number: MIS65FSD-C

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GM 6.5 Diesel Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) Remote Mount Cooler Relocation Kit

MIS65FSD-C Chevy/GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel PMD

This kit makes changing or relocating a faulty PMD quick and easy.  Plus it will extend the life of a PMD by relocating it to the top of the intake manifold.  For extreme conditions this cooler can be mounted on the fender or even in front of the radiator with an extension harness sold separately.  This kit comes with fasteners to mount the PMD to the cooler, and a new gasket is included to use between your PMD and the cooler.  Instructions are enclosed for a 10 to 20 minute installation with basic hand tools.  The cooler comes with one year warranty for defects in material or workmanship.  The PMD is sold separately.

PMD Cooler Chevy GM


The PMD injection pump story, and why you and every 6.5 diesel needs a cooler!

The PMD (pump mounted driver) or also known as a FSD (fuel system driver), has been a major problem for Chevy / GMC 6.5L diesel owners since its introduction on the 1994 6.5L electronically controlled DS4 fuel injection pump. The PMD is a solenoid pack that builds up heat and uses the injection pump and the fuel running through it to absorb that heat. The injection pump is in the valley of the diesel engine between the cylinder heads and the heat produced by the engine is also absorbed into the diesel fuel injection pump. In some situations the fuel going through the pump cannot adequately remove the heat to keep the PMD functional. Once the engine begins showing symptoms of stalling, hesitating, most likely the PMD is failing and the problems will only get worse.


Tests show that when using the PMD Cooler, PMD temperatures will drop anywhere from 32° to 81° Fahrenheit depending on driving conditions. These temperature drops will seriously increase the life of the PMD and can save you money from towing and costly repairs. The PMD Cooler easily mounts to the intake manifold of your engine within reach of the wiring harness plug for the PMD. Installation is quick, simple and does not require any modifications or special tools. Purchase a new PMD and instead of installing it back onto the pump where the heat is, use a PMD Cooler and relocate the PMD out of that heat zone.  The savings in the labor time it takes to mount a new PMD onto the injection pump will more than pay for the cost of the PMD Cooler, plus the PMD will last much longer!  The PMD Cooler kit comes with everything needed to mount a PMD to the intake manifold. Don't pay for a pump replacement when the PMD may be all you need!


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