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ATS Turbo SystemsATS offers applications for all Duramax engines from 2001 to 2006.  The 2004.5 and later LLY and LBZ GM Duramax engine were produced with a Garret variable turbo charger that has proven to be a very sluggish inefficient "emissions regulated" turbo charger. The variable geometry turbo charger suffers mainly due to its poor turbine design. The poor factory turbo charger design is the primary reason the 2004.5 and newer Duramax engine struggles producing reliable power wile maintaining reasonable EGTs. The ATS Aurora Turbo system corrects all of these problems and delivers unbelievable performance. All of the Aurora turbo kits come standard with a 4-inch exhaust discharge pipe.  The Aurora 4-inch down pipe allows the turbine to exhaust all of the exhaust necessary to relieve restrictive back pressure.

ATS offers three turbo systems for the Duramax.

On the street, for maximum power and boost, there is just no substitute for The Aurora 5000 Turbo. The Aurora 5000 utilizes a five inch compressor intake and is capable of boost levels of over 60 PSI. This single turbo kit is capable of producing power levels of over 700 HP on diesel fuel alone while still allowing street manners. The turbo response is moderate.  The Aurora 5000 turbo is not intended for heavy towing applications, due to the very large compressor.  Any towing should be done in lower gears such as 4th.

The Aurora 3000 Turbo is a rapid response high pressure ratio turbo system intended for every day driving and heavy towing. When towing extreme loads with the stock turbo charger the turbo can't keep up.  This causes extreme exhaust gas temperatures. The Aurora 3000 provides the needed air flow to the engine to ensure reliability while maintaining low EGTs. The Aurora 2000 turbo is famous for its rapid response and incredible mid-range power. Boost pressures of 32 to 38 PSI are average for this turbo not requiring any internal engine modifications.

The Aurora 4000 Turbo is for those who want a little of everything.  It is a good response high pressure ratio turbo system intended for every day driving and typical to heavy towing. Boost pressures can reach 45 PSI or more depending on the level of tuning.  This system is great for the daily work truck that wants to be a weekend warrior at the track.

The Aurora 6000 Turbo is for those who have a race truck.  It is a good performance turbo but does not have the street mannors the 5000 does, but who cares at the track!

NOTE: Head Studs are recommended whenever generating boost levels of over 45 PSI.

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