New Upgraded Pump Mounted Drivers

There is good news for GM 6.5L engine owners!  Technology has advanced in the PMD area and there are now choices for replacement Pump Mounted Drivers.

stanadyne logo

pump mounted driver

Stanadyne is the maker of the injection pump and has come out with an updated version of the PMD.  Stanadyne has termed their new DS Pump Mounted Driver as "Bullet-Proof ", since they incorporated a series of new features for added durability and reliability.

Stanadyne PMD Kit Number 35976, includes new PMD, pump wiring harness, heat transfer pad, and four mounting screws.  Remote mount cooler and extension harness sold separately.

Note:  Since Stanadyne changed the connector between the wiring harness and the PMD, the harness must be changed on the injection pump (supplied with PMD) when installing this PMD.

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