The Cognito Motorsports Idler Pivot Arm Solution

The Cognito Motorsports pitman idler arm support kit takes care of the issues with the center link side of the pitman and idler arms. There is however another weak link in the front IFS steering on the 6 and 8lug GM vehicles. The idler pivot assembly tends to wear out, bend, and even break under stress with larger tires. The idler pivot assembly is what the idler arm is mounted to, and pivots on.

Play in the idler pivot can cause major tie rod issues. If the idler pivot assembly has an issue, the idler arm is able to move uncontrollably. As this happens you will have drastic tie rod angle changes. In certain instances a bent or failed part can cause complete disaster to your front end. Some damages may include: idler arm rubbing the transmission oil cooler lines or motor mount, pitman arm, idler arm, and tie rod breakage. Most tie rod problems stem from worn or damaged pitman and idler arms or idler pivot assembly.

The Cognito Motorsports Idler Pivot Arm Solution:

Cognito Idler Pivot Arm

Cognito offers an aftermarket idler pivot assembly in order to strengthen your weak stock parts. The aftermarket Idler Pivot assembly has tapered roller bearings, adding strength and durability, thus creating a solid pivot point for your steering components. It doesn't stop there. The idler pivot assembly mounting tabs tend to twist or even dislodge from the frame. Included with the kit is a weld in gusset in order to strengthen the weak factory mounting tabs. This kit is highly recommended, even more important than adding the heavy duty heim jointed tie rods.

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