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Danville Performance

Duramax Turbo Upgrades

Danville Performance offers multiple options for your Duramax turbo upgrade needs!  If you want to keep the appearance of a stock turbo, and have the simplicity of a direct bolt in replacement, a modified variable vain turbo is the answer!

Stage 1 Upgrade Duramax Turbocharger

Stage 1 turbos are perfect for people who work their truck regularly and may want weekend performance.  Ideal for replacing a stock turbo when standard "off the shelf" performance upgrades are used.  Two options are available with either a 2.5" 64mm (capable of handling 350-500 rear wheel HP) or a 2.6" 66mm (capable of handling 400-550 rear wheel HP) compressor wheel.  The smaller is recommended for more towing use and the larger for more performance use.

Stage 2 Upgrade Duramax Turbocharger

Stage 2 turbos are intended for those who want as much power as they can while still using the stock appearing variable vain turbo.  These turbos are so aggressive that a custom made EFI Live tune is recommended for rear wheel power levels over 400 HP.  Two options are also available in the stage 2.  First option is a 2.6" 66mm (capable of handling 550-650 rear wheel HP) or a 2.7" 68mm (capable of handling 600-700 rear wheel HP) compressor wheel.  The smaller will be more street friendly than the larger wheel.  The stage 2 has more airflow improvements than the stage one has.  These stage two turbos are awesome in twin setups also!

Both the stage one and stage two turbos come complete with a high flow down pipe that will drastically reduce exhaust gas temperatures!

New Garrett turbochargers are used for the best durability and modified accordingly.  A core turbo is required to avoid the $300 core charge.


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