The T.T.S. Power Loader II

TTS Power Loader IIThe T.T.S. Power Loader II is not an off the shelf programmer. Each Power Loader II is individually programmed to your vehicle's specifications including any modifications you have done to your vehicle, and can take up to nine weeks for delivery. It features fuel & ignition tables that are optimized for maximum power gains without sacrificing reliability. The A/T shift firmness and timing, along with converter lockup rpm are modified for quicker shifts within the engine's power band and torque management. The Power Loader II is easy to install in just minutes. The Power Loader II attaches to the vehicle OBD port to establish a communication link between the factory ECM and the Power Loader II. The Power Loader II removes the factory program from the Flash memory then downloads a new program.

The Power Loader II does not have a return to stock feature.

The Extreme is still the most powerful program on the market today! It has as much or more power than stacking any two other units together. Plus, it is so nice to have a toggle switch to simply change between programs. This is what I have in my truck and has run safely on stock engine parts for over 100,000 miles. Don't even think about using the Extreme with a stock transmission!

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