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PMD Package Deal - PMD, Cooler, Resistor

Part Number: GM 6.5 PMD & Cooler Assembly UPC: GM 6.5 PMD & Cooler Assembly

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1994-2003 GM 6.5L PMD Cooler Package Deal

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By popular demand Huckstorf Diesel is offering a one click package deal for the GM 6.5 PMD Pump Mounted Driver, Remote Mount Cooler, and Fuel Calibration Resistor. This package makes it simple to order our most popular parts all in one click. This black upgraded PMD from Flight Systems comes with a one year long warranty. The #9 fuel calibration resistor is also included for added performance. And to top it off is our PMD Heat Sync designed to simplify the PMD installation and increase the PMD lifespan by relocating it to a better location. Huckstorf Diesel will assemble and ship this whole package to you for the maximum in convenience and ease of installation.

As always feel free to contact us at Huckstorf Diesel with any questions. We are here to help!

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