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01-16 Duramax Adjustable Fuel Pump 100gph

Part Number: FASFASC09100G UPC:  FAS C09 100G
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2001-2016 Duramax Adjustable Fuel Supply Pump 100gph

This system is recommended for stock to moderate applications up to 600 HP.    With this much flow there will not be issues with running the fuel tank below ¼ full.  The fuel sump kit is an option to reduce restriction in the factory pickup and eliminate the chance of low fuel level issues.

The “FA” series from FASS is the most versatile High Performance Fuel Pump (pump only) on the market. The FA's allow the customer to tweak the fuel pressure with a simple adjustment that can be done while it is running. The Boost Compensation Port can be used to increase the pump pressure as the engine boost levels climb.  This will result in more consistent fuel pressure as the fuel required by the engine increases. These pumps can be plumbed into the ports on the filter systems and set to kick in when the high demand is necessary which results in a perfect street/strip setup!  Flow rates are available from 90 – 290gph and fuel pressure from 0 – 100psi!. The FA’s will work well from stock, all the way to extreme performance applications!

FASS FAC09095G Installation Manual

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