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1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L 24 valve Cummins Transmissi

Part Number: CUM3943657 UPC: 3943657

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1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins Automatic Transmission Cooler

The 24 valve 5.9 Cummins engines with an automatic transmission use a cooler that is attached to the engine block on the right hand or passenger side of the block under the turbocharger.  In cold climates the engine coolant will warm the transmission fluid and just the opposite when it is warm.  Over time these will rust out and leak engine coolant and or transmission fluid.

This cooler is used on the following Cummins engines;

4B3.9,6B5.9,B4.5,B4.5 RGT,B4.5S,B5.9 G,B5.9 G CM558,B5.9 LPG PLUS CM556,B6.7S,F3.8 F102,G3.9,ISB (CHRYSLER),ISB CM2150,ISB CM550,ISB CM850,ISB/ISD4.5 CM2150 B119,ISB/ISD4.5 CM2150 SN,ISB/ISD6.7 CM2150 B120,ISB/ISD6.7 CM2150 SN,ISB3.9 CM2220 B107,ISB4.5 CM2150,ISB5.9G CM2180,ISB6.7 CM2150 SQ,ISB6.7 CM2250,ISB6.7 CM2350 B101,ISB6.7 CM2350 B103,ISBE CM2150,ISBE CM800,ISBE4 CM850,ISD4.5 CM2150,ISF2.8 CM2220,ISF2.8 CM2220 AN,ISF2.8 CM2220 EC,ISF2.8 CM2220 ECF2,ISF2.8 CM2220 F101,ISF2.8 CM2220 IAN,ISF3.8 CM2220,ISF3.8 CM2220 AN,ISF3.8 CM2220 F103,ISF3.8 CM2220 F110,ISF3.8 CM2220 IAN,ISG11 CM2880 G106,ISG11 CM2880 G108,ISG12 CM2880 G107,ISG12 CM2880 G109,QSB3.9 30 CM550,QSB4.5 30 CM550,QSB4.5 CM2150 B108,QSB4.5 CM2250 EC,QSB4.5 CM2350 B106,QSB4.5 CM850,QSB5.9 30 CM550,QSB5.9 44 CM550,QSB5.9 CM2880 B115,QSB5.9 CM850,QSB6.7 CM2150 B109,QSB6.7 CM2250,QSB6.7 CM2250 EC,QSB6.7 CM2350 B105,QSB6.7 CM2350 B112,QSB6.7 CM2880 B116,QSB6.7 CM2880 B117,QSB6.7 CM850,QSB6.7 M CM2250,QSB7-DM CM850,QSF2.8 CM2880 F104,QSF2.8 CM2880 F105,QSF2.8 CM2880 F108,QSG12 CM2350 G110

Alternate numbers = 5014861AA

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