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1992-2000 6.5 Mechanical Chevy / GMC Diesel Injection Pump

Part Number: HDP4911 UPC: DB2831-4911
DB2 6.5 Core:

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1992-2000 6.5 Mechanical Chevy/GMC Diesel Injection Pump for GM 6.5L Diesel Engines

In 1992 General Motors replaced the 6.2L diesel engine with the 6.5L engine.  The engine was designed to be a more powerful version of the 6.2 and met emission standards required for half-ton trucks.  In 2001 the 6.5 was replaced by the 6.6L Duramax engine in light and medium trucks and starting in 2003 in vans.  The 6.5 is still being used in some AM General applications, mainly for the military.  The piston stroke was lengthened to achieve the extra cubic inches.  Machining the bore further into the block caused a lack of material between the main cap bolt holes and the cylinder walls.  The main bearing web in the block was prone to cracking.  That made these engines poor candidates for big performance upgrades.  The Duramax engine is much more capable of making power levels that matched or exceeded the Ford and Dodge diesel offerings.   Horsepower numbers for the 6.5L started at 180 HP @ 3400 rpm and peaked at 315 HP @ 3200 rpm.  Torque ranged from 360 lb-ft @ 1700 rpm to 530 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm. 

There are several GM 6.5 liter diesel engine production options. The Turbocharged L56, (VIN "S") was used in most light duty 3/4 ton (2500) Heavy duty 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks used the Turbocharged L65 (VIN "F") engine. The L56 is emissions controlled with EGR and catalytic converters. The L65 engine has no EGR, and has no catalytic converter. There is a soot trap on L65 engines that is often mistaken for a catalytic converter. The L49 (VIN "P") and L57 are both naturally aspirated engines. L57 is listed as HO or Heavy Duty. Additional RPO codes are LQM (175HP) and LQN (190HP).

Changes were made by GM to the 6.5 in their light trucks for emissions or reliability improvement. The 1992-1993 model years used a 6.5-specific Stanadyne DB-2 mechanical injection pump. GM replaced the DB-2 with the electronic throttle DS-4 in 1994-2000 vehicles.  The DS style pump used a pump mounted driver known as the PMD.  The PMD is an electrical solenoid that drives a plunger solenoid inside the injection pump.  These PMD’s have had reliability issues that still persist after many revisions.   In mid-1996 GM implemented a redesigned engine cooling system incorporating twin non bypass-blocking thermostats and a 130 GPM water pump. This improved the flow through the block by 70-75% and flow to the radiator 7%.

Through the years there were many different variations in the 6.5 diesel injection pumps.  The engine application codes were based off the Truck Style, Model Designation, and if the engine was equipped with or without a turbocharger. 

This pump will work on the following applications.  Due to minor differences this pump may not be a direct supersession, but will work properly.  If you want your pump built to a specific model code, Huckstorf Diesel will be happy to do that for you.  If you want to have your pump customized for a performance application we can do that also.  Give us a call and we can discuss your options!

GM 6.2 & 6.5 Diesel Engine Application Codes

Truck Styles

C, R = 2 Wheel Drive
K, V = 4 Wheel Drive
G = Van
P = Recreational Vehicle, Motor Home, Step Van
D, CUCV = Military (Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle) 24 Volt electrical systems require 24 Volt solenoids.  Call if you need a 24 Volt pump.
HMMWV = Military (High Mobility Multi Wheeled Vehicle) 24 Volt electrical systems require 24 Volt solenoids.  Call if you need a 24 Volt pump.

Starting with the 1988 model year, the C/K designation was changed to the R/V designation with the body style change.

Model Designations

LD = Light Duty (with EGR)
HD = Heavy Duty
SD = Super Duty (6.5 – 15,000 GVW)
ALT = Altitude
CAL – California Only

Other Designations

N/A = Naturally Aspirated
Turbo = Turbo Charged
1.2 cSt = Low viscosity fuel compatible (Military)

Pump Model Part Number Model Year Engine Application Superseded by
DB2831-4911 10183901 1992-93 HD C/K & P - Turbo (200 hp)
DB2831-4927 14098655 1992-93 HD C/K & P - Turbo, 1.2 cSt
DB2831-4970 10154607 1992-93 SD - Turbo (15,000 GVW)
DB2831-4971 10154608 1992-93 SD-Turbo (15,000 GVW), 1.2 cSt
DB2831-5079 10224039 1993-97 214 Ton Cab-over (Military) - Turbo (200 hp)
DB2831-5088 10229115 1994-97 HD P & G Van - N/A (170 hp)
DB2831-5089 10229119 1994-97 HD P & G Van - N/A, ALT.
DB2831-5119 10238967 1994-97 HDP Truck - N/A, 2600 RPM (120 hp)
DB2831-5129 12550269 1994 HD P & G Van - N/A, 1.2 cSt (170 hp)
DB2831-5149 12550433 1994-96 HMMWV (Military) - N/A, 1.2 cSt (170 hp)
DB2831-5157 12551521 1994 HDO.E.M.-Turbo (200 hp)
DB2831-5164 12552397 1992-93 HD C/K & P - Turbo (Man. Trans.) Service
DB2831-5167 12552621 1992-93 SD - Turbo (15,000 GVW) Service
DB2831-5209 12555697 1995-97 HD (Military) - N/A, 1.2 cSt
DB2831-5323 12559097 1997 HD - (3 speed Auto. Trans.)
DB2831-5436 12561383 1994 HDP&G-(170hp)
DB2831-5437 12561384 1994 HDP&G -ALT.
DB2831-5438 12561385 1994 HD P -1.2 cSt, 2600 RPM (120 hp)
DB2831-5485 12561514 1998-00 HD (Military) - Turbo, 1.2 cSt (200 hp)



Core Charge Instructions

Click on the drop down list to see the price of the remanufactured injection pump with the core charge applied. To avoid paying the core charges a matching, acceptable, core must be received prior to the exchange being sent out; otherwise we will charge you for the core and refund you the full core price if an acceptable core is received within thirty days of purchase.

1992-2000 6.5 Mechanical Chevy/GMC Diesel Injection Pump for GM 6.5L Diesel Engines  Huckstorf Diesel is an authorized Stanadyne dealer.  Get your GM 6.5 diesel injection pump rebuilt by an authorized remanufacture for the best performance and highest quality!

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