Ford 2011-2013 6.7L Powerstroke Fuel Supply Systems

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2011-2016 Ford 6.7L 140gph at 55psi FASS Fuel System Sale $799.00
2011-2016 Ford 6.7L 220gph at 55psi FASS Fuel System Sale $849.00
2011-2016 Ford 6.7L 240gph at 55psi FASS Fuel System Sale $899.00
FASS Fuel Sump Kit Sale $236.55
5/8 inch Fuel Suction Tube Kit Sale $84.55
FASS Electric Diesel Fuel Heater Sale $160.55

Ford 2011-2013 6.7L Powerstroke Fuel Supply Systems

After trying a variety of products available out there, Huckstorf Diesel is confident in saying that the FASS fuel systems from Diesel Performance Products Inc. are the best and most reliable fuel supply systems available!


Fuel Air Separation System

Eliminate fuel contaminants save your fuel system!

  • Removes All Types of Fuel Contaminants
  • Emulsified Water & Free Water
  • Air/Vapor
  • Debris
  • Increases Injector Life & Dependability
  • Consistent Engine Performance-Hot vs. Cold Fuel / Full vs. 1/4 Tank
  • Increase Horsepower & Torque
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Increases Fuel Mileage (Individual Results May Vary)
  • Pickup: Typically 2-3 mpg running empty, with heavy load 8-11%
  • Semi/Class 8: Typically .4mpg in Semi/Class 8 applications
  • Reduces Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Dioxide
  • Excellent Cold Weather Performance
  • Same High Quality & Durability in the FASS Pickup Models as their Semi Applications
  • Extreme Filter Life
  • Warranty (Available*)
  • Pickup: Lifetime Warranty Available (excludes DDRP)
  • Semi/Class 8: 4 Year Warranty Available
  • Optional Electric Fuel Heater is Available
  • Coolant Fuel Heater Port Included (HD & Titanium Series Only)

*Must purchase your FASS Fuel System through a VIP or Authorized Dealers (Like Huckstorf Diesel) and send in registration within 30 days to receive your warranty.

Huckstorf Diesel sells the FASS Systems at the lowest allowable price to qualify for the extended warranty. For the best price, service, and products available, you are in the right place!

FASS Platinum Series Diesel Fuel Supply Pump

Platinum Series

You can expect the same high quality systems that FASS is known for at a lower cost. FASS came up with a new product using their technology and quality to design a smaller version of the fuel air separation systems. A completely new base for the system was used in order to keep size to a minimum. The fuel filter and water filter are now combined and still maintains the quality air separation. The Platinum Series was designed for the light truck applications in mind. Applications for this series include Dodge, Ford and Chevy. The Platinum will cover stock to moderate performance applications.


Titanium Series

 FASS Titanium Series Fuel System

The Titanium Series is designed for the pickup while utilizing all the best features of the HD series. Built in a smaller compact version, the Titanium Series offers flow rates up to 260gph. This size difference allows you to tuck the pump closer to the frame for better clearance and less visibility, without sacrificing any features of FASS systems. The same motor used on the HD Series (class 8 applications) is also used on the Titanium Series. The high performance in a small package makes the Titanium our pick for stock to competition pickup trucks.






FASS Heavy Duty Series Diesel Performance Fuel Supply Pumps

Heavy Duty Series

As of March 1st, 2013 the FASS HD Series will no longer be available for the Pick-up Truck Market. Improvements to the Titanium Series now gives you the capability to reach flow rates up to 260 gallons per hour which previously could only be achieved with the HD Series. With these improvements the Titanium Series is now the premier Fuel Air Separation System for the daily driver and competition applications! Not only can the Titanium now achieve flow rates up to 260gph but its smaller compact design makes it the ideal model for Pick-up Truck applications

The Heavy Duty Series is still available but moving forward will only be available for the Class 8 Market. The large filter capacity makes this pump the leader in the Class 8 market, where long stays on the road and high volume is required. The HD series provides strength and reliability you can count on even in the most extreme conditions.


Adjustable Pump Only Systems

FASS Adjustable Pump Only Series Diesel Performance Fuel Supply Pumps

The most versatile High Performance Fuel Pump (pump only) on the market. The FA's allow you to tweak the fuel pressure to your requirements. The Boost Compensation Port also gives the pump added/more consistent fuel pressure based on boost referencing from the turbo keeping fuel pressure in line with the needs of the engine. Flow rates from 90 - 260gph and fuel pressure from 0 - 100psi.







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