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01-04 Duramax LB7 Injector Nozzle

Part Number: BOS0433175275 UPC: 0433175275
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2001-2004 Duramax LB7 Injector Nozzle

LB7 duramax injector nozzle

This is for a new Bosch nozzle tip only, not the complete injector.

This Duramax LB7 fuel injector nozzle is a new Bosch nozzle.  Precision engineered for Chevy/GM diesel fuel injection, your aftermarket LB7 injector nozzle will help push more fuel into the cylinder to give you more LPM (liters per minute). This results in more horsepower. BOS0433175275 LB7 injector nozzles are often chosen for Duramax engines in the GMC Topkick, GMC Sierra HD, Chevrolet Kodia and Chevy Silverado HD.

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